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I’m Jonathan Rothwell, CompSci student, imported Londoner and general shambles, and is my personal Web site.

Photograph of Jonathan Rothwell

I am now in the final year of a BSc course in Computer Science at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (EECS, to its friends) at Queen Mary, University of London. I recently finished a year-long industrial placement with ServiceNow in Egham, Surrey.

I’m also a hobbyist writer of fiction, and a regular writer of the drivel posts you see on this site. You’ll also note that I don’t write about myself in the third person.

I’m a humanist, a feminist, a player of games, a realist, and an old-fashioned nerd with a passion for science fiction.

All the information on this page is up-to-date as of 2 December 2014.

Me, elsewhere

I can be found on:

There’s also a separate @rothwellim Twitter account if you’d prefer to follow that. Bear in mind that it isn’t automatic, so whether or not anything gets posted depends on me updating it manually.

Contacting me

The best way to contact me is to mail me at j at rothwell full stop im (substituting the words for punctuation marks, where necessary, to prove that you’re a human and not a spam harvester.)

Please note, before you write to me:

  • I am not this Jonathan T. Rothwell: I have never been associated with the Brookings Institute, nor any other policy think tank. I am also nothing to do with this one.
  • Although I am happy to receive contract work offers, please make sure you contact me in the first instance. My LinkedIn profile might be of interest here, although my preference is to be contacted by email. I do not accept invitations from people I don’t know from LinkedIn.
  • I am very unlikely to answer your mail if you ask me to “fix your computer.” Sorry.

About monetisation offers

This blog operates without advertising and without subscriptions, at a loss, because I enjoy writing and I enjoy sharing what I know and what I think with others.

In the unlikely event I decide to run advertising or a subscription service myself in the future, I will seek out advertisers myself. I also have no interest in purchasing and/or assimilating other web sites, or receiving unsolicited offers for them. If you approach me with an unsolicited offer monetise, or to purchase another site or domain name, expect me to decline it, and for me to explicitly refuse to do business with you in the future.

I do not write for external publications unless I am being paid up front, at a mutually agreed rate, with real money, and/or I know the publication’s editors personally. NO EXCEPTIONS.

I don’t run guest posts, sponsored posts, sponsored links or infographics on this blog. I will also not accept money in return for reviews. No exceptions.

Encrypted and signed mail

I am happy to receive PGP encrypted or signed mail. Your PGP-capable mail client should be able to find my public key automatically. If not, here it is:

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  • You must include a link back to the original URL.
  • You must provide a written credit. The format “From by Jonathan Rothwell” is probably best, but as long as you include my name, the name of the site, and identify me as the author of the work, you’re fine.
  • The content must not be reproduced commercially (for instance, reprinted in a newspaper or copied on a commercially-operated blog. This includes blogs whose primary purpose is to reproduce snippets from others, and link to them with advertising.) This doesn’t include legally permitted fair use, e.g. for criticism or review, which is always allowed.
  • You must not hotlink images, etc. from this site. Stealing bandwidth is something I take particularly seriously, and hotlinking is not tolerated in any form.

If you would like to use any of this content commercially, or outside the terms outlined here, you will need to obtain a written waiver from me. Please contact me using the methods outlined above to negotiate terms.

Where exceptions exist to this licence, the page in question will be clearly marked as not being licensed under CC-BY-NC. (For instance, the stories on are under a special licence.)

Ethics statement

I will never accept money in return for reviewing, recommending or discussing a product on this blog. There are no exceptions to this rule.

If I am sent a complimentary product for review on this site, to ensure impartiality, I will either return the product following the publication of the review, donate the product to a charity shop or other suitable non-profit organisation, or make a monetary donation (equivalent to the value of the product) to a registered charity in the UK.

How this site is made

This web site is generated by Octopress and hosted by NearlyFreeSpeech.NET at prices that are so reasonable, they’re practically indecent. The fonts in use are Karla and Alegreya.

The sister site which contains stories is generated by nanoc (see here for a brief post about how it works and how I set it up.)

My personal set of devices is a late-2011 Sandy Bridge MacBook Pro (13”), an iPad Mini retina and an iPhone 6.


The Octopress theme in use is a modified version of the default theme. Posts which are prefixed on the home page, archives and in the RSS feed with a [LINK] prefix are part of the link log (or, if you prefer, the linked list.) These are a collection of links to other web sites, usually accompanied by an un-funny, pithy comment of some description.

There is no automatic commenting system on this web site. This is why.

Thank you for reading